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Baltic-Breaks is a tour operator and a travel agency from Estonia providing the full range of travel services. Baltic-Breaks is a part of Trunk-Line BS Ltd. Company (registration number in the register of business enterprises of Estonia 10478145), the company that has been working on Estonian market since 1998. We started from receiving the tourists in Estonia, Baltic and Scandinavian countries, then we widened our activities. Since 2007 we have been interested in golf and later in golf travel as well. Since that moment on we have been offering for the golfers golf holidays in all countries of the world. We started as Baltic-Breaks Travel Agency in 2004, and it is since 2008 that Baltic-Breaks has been a golf tour operator. We are a member of IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) and this is a sign that we are offering a high quality product. 

 We are specialized in Golf, and prepared to suggest and organize any program and accommodation referring Golf. We can also organize many different events for groups, form Pro-Am to other interesting competition, and also pre-defined group packages, as well as tailor-made ones - we provide accommodation, transport, tee times, etc.
We are able to understand your needs and make important suggestions.
Please ask us for our Golf Packages - a very good advantage for our clients!
Please contact us in case you are interested in tennis, horse riding, hunting, football (soccer), water sports and any other sport.
We can suggest to our clients the best proposal according to the activity they seek.


Svetlana Vinogradova, the founder and the manager executive of our company, has big experience in traveling around different countries and playing golf on lots of different European and world golf courses. There are more than 50 golf courses she has been playing on.


As seen from the name, Baltic-Breaks Golf Tour Operator specializes on golf holidays. We are happy to welcome golfers from different countries of the world in the three Baltic countries.


These are three European states that regained their independence in the 1991. They are now members of the EU and are rapidly developing. They are situated on the Baltic Sea and can be visited with different purposes - like seaside rest, city breaks in the three vivid capital cities - Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, or try numerous Spas of the three countries. But of course the main point of attraction for a golf lover is golf itself - the newly built golf courses in all the three countries.


Baltic States is a new golf destination for golfers in Eastern Europe. Golf is rapidly developing in these three countries. Even ten years ago there was one golf course - now there are thirteen in the three countries and more are going to be built in the nearest future. And if you want to know why to come to the Baltic states to play golf - it is because it can be combined with Spa-treatments which are also gaining popularity or with a heritage tours in Baltic towns - both day tours and nightlife. Another possibility is to join golf playing and beer tasting - as the culture of breweries in The Baltics is a long and well-established one. So you may go on a beer tour along with playing golf. If you are interested in culture or historical heritage - the Baltic countries are again the place to go - as the historical

heritage in these countries is well-known all over Europe. 


Our specialists have personally visited all the golf courses in the three countries and have played them all. Therefore, we can give you clear recommendations regarding each and every golf course in our region of the world.


Golf is rapidly developing in these three countries and the number of golfers is growing. We are offering a wide range of services to golfers from Baltic countries as well.



We have reliable partners in different countries:


In Spain it is Beatriz Soler. She has big experience in playing golf at all parts of mainland Spain and on the islands; 

Our golf tours to Spain include such destinations as Malaga, Tenerife and Murcia. 

in South Africa it is Leon Plutsick who has been playing a lot on different golf courses of his country and other African countries;

in Portugal these are Cristina Martins and Ricardo Borges who are specialists in Portuguese golf;  

Here we offer tours to Estoril, Lisbon coast, Algarve and Madeira. 

Here is a link to our partners in Algarve.

in France this is Pascale Despieres who knows everything about golf courses in France;

in Brazil this is Adriano Gomes who has played golf a lot both in Brazil and other countries of Latin America; 

in Argentina it is Gabriel Barok, the person who knows everything about golf on Argentina;

in Czech Republic this is Jan Makarius, an expert on golf travel to Czech Republic;  

and lots of others. 

In all these countries, as well as others, our reliable partners will meet you and try their best so that you would get an unforgettable rest.  

Apart from golf travel, we offer our customers city breaks. Golf lovers can combine this type of holiday with golf. Those our customers who do not play golf can simply get some pleasure from sightseeing in well-known capitals of the world.  


Our new destinations, in particular, include Israel, India, Indonesia (Bali) and Thailand, city breaks with sightseeing.

In these countries we also have some reliable partners who are going to arrange your holiday in the best possible way.

In Israel it is Judy Eliaz who has been working in Israeli travel business for several decades already.

In Thailand this is Alwyn Yu and his team who are the best in arranging a tourist's vacation in Thailand. 

On Bali we work with Ruru Wicaksono, a specialist in arranging Beach holidays on Bali.  


Those who love beach holidays won't leave us disappointed as well. Besides traditional Turkey, Egypt and Spain, we offer such exotic countries as Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), South Africa, Vietnam. And again golf lovers can combine pleasant holidays on the exotic beaches with playing golf on, in our opinion, none the less exotic courses.  

If you only want to buy a green-fee, we can provide you with the right to play on even the most closed golf clubs of the world.  


Via us you can also book tickets to worldwide destinations, ask for special offers or tailor-made tours or make a visa.   


In winter we offer skiing holidays for both beginners and pros. Our range of services includes both full arrangement of the trips, starting from buying the air tickets and acquiring the ski-pass at different resorts of Europe. 


Both in winter and in summer we offer our customers who are interested in fishing, to acquire fishing tours in Nordic countries which are traditionally well-known for their fishing: Finland, Sweden, Iceland, etc. Fishing tour packages contain accommodation, fishing licence and exporting the fish, detailed instructions and services of the local fishing guide who has the full information on different fishing limitations.   


If you are planning the wedding trip or the wedding itself then we can help you and give some recommendations on drawing the budget as we have big experience in this field.  


If you want to make bonds in you working team tighter we will always have some good ideas of an incentive trip.


We also offer sea cruises by Costa Cruises, Silversea, Royal Caribbean including the most exotic spots of our planet. Golf lovers can combine these cruises with playing golf on the courses they could previously only dream about. Besides that, here there is a possibility to play golf in several countries at a time which wouldn't be so easy on a usual golf-trip.   


From exotic tours offered by us, it is worth paying attention to train tours, such as: a luxury train in Africa, trains in India and Transsiberian train route. You can get best special offers and tickets at one place at once!


We specialize on golf but we don't limit ourselves to it. We can offer our customers the following services:

  • Golf tour
  • City breaks and weekends
  • Guide services
  • Hotels booking
  • Spa and health tourism
  • Beach holidays
  • Country travel
  • Incentive tours
  • Train holidays
  • Coach tours
  • Tailor-made holidays
  • Cruises

To sum it up, we can offer a wide choice of good services.


Baltic-Breaks will always help you to find something you will definitely like!!!


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